Master your Acrelec surroundings to optimize your decision-making process

The Acrelec Transformation Platform (ATP) is a cloud-based multi-application platform that provides brands with all the tools and technology needed to create a digital enterprise and manage hardware, software, content and services for both proprietary and 3rd party applications.

Based on our digital software platform ATP, you will be able to manage all of the Acrelec solutions with our unique data-drive/back office model. This allows you to set up your advertising displays with dedicated channels, propose suggestive and predictive sales, and receive crucial data to help refine your business strategies.

  • > A single-view of your entire digital landscape
  • > Time dashboards that show all stats at a glance
  • > The simplest way to manage all digital campaigns
  • > The ability to develop, deploy and maintain apps

Acrelec Arrival

Create a shortcut for your delivery’s last mile

Be ahead of your competitors by engaging the most efficient home delivery process.

Gain loyalty and satisfaction from the data collected from your customer base.

Avoid the middle man with one single stream.

Consolidate multiple web orders (aggregators, internal shopping, etc.) to a single global process.


Unlock the full potential of your Drive-Thru with the industry’s most advanced Drive-Thru timer

The QTimer’s™ strength of capabilities currently include crew motivation, improving shift management, improving order accuracy, and of course increasing throughput by lowering Drive-Thru service times.

Monitor an unlimited number of detection points.

Instantly track, compare and rank locations’ performances within the entire enterprise.