Self-Ordering Generate more profits with Acrelec self-ordering kiosks

From the most basic to the most customizable kiosks, provide your customers complete freedom during their self-ordering process.

Our range of self-service kiosks have been designed to fit in many industries, such as :
Quick Service Restaurants, Retail, Hotel & Leisure, Cinemas, Healthcare and Pharmacy.

Complete and connect your system with the world’s best in class digital ordering software ; DOT XV. The latest generation of DOT XV is the fruit of 15 years of development with worldwide players in the industry.

As a business facilitator, we know that each of your businesses require the same spirit of reliability, robustness of product and ease of use. This is why we are not just a kiosk manufacturer, but a technology partner that drives
your projects to succeed.

To highlight this strategy, we created the “Acrelec Engineer Root”, the technological pedestal of any new Acrelec solution.

Drive-Thru Increase speed and quality of service through optimized Drive-Thru solutions

From digital drive-thru menus and advertising campaigns to curbside order confirmation solutions and service timers, we offer numerous solutions to boost your drive-thru sales.

Time is more than money. It’s customer satisfaction. Acrelec’s QTimer will help you shave seconds off the drive-thru and give your team the tools they need to speed happy customers on their way.

Take your Drive-Thru systems to the next level with DOT XV innovative software.

Organize your drive-thru with our different solutions to generate an increase in unplanned purchases and minimize perceived wait time.

Click & Collect Improve your web to store strategy

Acrelec Advance is an innovative and practical Click & Collect concept, a combination of Acrelec kiosks and software.

Customers are easily identified and welcomed upon arrival through the use of Acrelec solutions. In other words, customers simply arrive at the kiosk, place their order and retrieve it when it is ready.

Create additional sales by offering “add-ons” to the customer during the pick-up of their order.

Choose a tablet-based or tailor-made solution that best suits your needs.

Digital Signage Boost sales & customer engagement with strong digital signage

Clearly present full product offerings and special promotions whilst targeting your customer audience with specific and localized campaign.

Maximize the full potential of your point of sale, both indoors and outdoors. Some benefits of integrating digital solutions are :

Utilize the Acrelec Transformation Platform (ATP) to organize and update your content at any time.

Point of Sales Systems Reduce customer cash-out times with an innovative and reliable point of sales systems

Acrelec provides many options to enhance the customer’s checkout experience. Our durable, powerful and sleek POS Systems come in a range of options from an integrated all-in-one to a more modular mobile system.

Leading the new era of mobility, we have launched new revolutionary solutions for the modern business.

Acrelec POS Systems provide the best solutions for your drive-thru, kitchen, lobby, and counter areas. We offer the latest digital point of sale systems and peripherals designed for the toughest environments.

By choosing Acrelec POS Systems, you will build the ideal solution for your business: you will reduce checkout times while increasing revenue and cash-out times.