Self-Ordering Improve order preparation processes with self-ordering kiosks

Decrease the risk of errors by allowing customers to place their order in the language of their choice.

Help your employees focus on other value-added tasks.

Reduce your order preparation time by eliminating intermediate steps during ordering process.

Acrelec equips its solutions with Intel® Core™ i5-6500TE processors, to ensure a boost in your store’s productivity.

These self-ordering solutions improve the productivity of the following sectors :

Crew Member Solutions Give your team the tools they need to be more efficient

Motivate your team with real time ranking. By design, QTimer is not simply a drive-thru timer but a fully functioning drive-thru transformation system.

Increase order accuracy through the power of voice. Acrelec’s Revolve is an innovative solution optimized for voice recognition within the drive-thru.

Increase productivity by delivering real time information to your crew and provide customer’s order status information with the latest digital technology.

Offer your staff less stressful and tiring work conditions with user friendly and simple tools.