Build a strong relationship with your customers by offering them a memorable journey

Reduce customer’s perceived stress related to wait time. Allow customers to place their orders and enjoy a unique experience like never before.

Ensure that customers have access to all needed information.

Master your content displays with our ATP software.
This simple to use system needs only one contact person for the kiosk, software and maintenance.

Enhance the customer experience within a multitude of sectors ranging from Cinema and QSR to Retail and Pharmacy.

Infotainment Experience

Entertain and inform your customer at the same time.

Transform the customer experience with our Fidgitable and Fidgitablet gaming systems, equipped with customizable games and applications.

Enhance the customer experience by providing games specifically designed for your brand.

Be sure that your customers will have a different waiting time perception, will stay longer in your store and will appreciate your brand image more.

Highlight your business and brand image with digital advertising, promotions and social networks.

Digital Signage

Display amazing content while enhancing your brand image.

Create the greatest impact on your customers with Acrelec’s wide range of interactive indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions.

Reinforce your brand image and provide your customers with the ability to discover your range of products.

Manage and deliver your content at the right time through the use of our software platform, ATP.

Utilize Acrelec’s expertise and knowledge of digital signage solutions and its uses to ensure your brand stands out.

Acrelec Anywhere

Locate and serve your customer Anywhere !

Combined with our self-ordering solutions, Acrelec Anywhere™ is an accurate on-site order delivery system that delivers the full VIP experience to your customer.

Token, Tent or Smartphone. Find your customers quickly anywhere in your store.

Acrelec Anywhere™ combines the latest iBeacon technology with our innovative kiosks, allowing customers to enjoy a memorable instore experience.

Upgrade applications and monitor your infrastructure remotely with our device management platform.