10 Feb 2020

Beyond Technology: Conversational AI and QSR Customer Experiences

Host Daniel Litwin is joined by guests Peter Seltenright, sales director for Artificial Solutions, and Austin Curry, product manager for Acrelec, to discuss the future of self-ordering kiosks. These self-powered experiences, including potential, conversational voice-powered ordering, are a critical component of powering up customer experiences – according to Tillster, 65% of customers would be more […]

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30 Jan 2020

Acrelec Audio [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sound quality is the most important piece of developing engaging audio solutions within a QSR space. Here at Acrelec, we have worked on an audio quality that matches the industry leaders in communications and will soon surpass well-known names and label us the audio world’s best. We have created specialized microphones and speakers that allow […]

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28 Jan 2020

Cloud-Based vs. In-Store Connectivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Acrelec’s versatile and powerful kiosks have a range of features to personalize them to your business model, accelerating customer traffic with a system that works 100% on-premises. To learn more, check out the infographic below or contact us today! Download high-res version.

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05 Dec 2019

Beyond Technology: How Technology is Transforming the Restaurant & Dining Industry

The wave of technology sweeping the globe is leaving no stone unturned, including in the restaurant and dining industry. In fact, technology has transformed the way we order, dine out and hit the drive-thru. On this episode of Beyond Technology: The Experience Podcast we unpack how new tech can leverage the dining experience or, alternatively, sink […]

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14 Nov 2019

Beyond Technology: Improving the Customer Journey in QSRs

On this episode of Beyond Technology: The Experience Podcast brought to you by Acrelec, Clément Pévrier, head of digital projects for Udvise, joined Tyler Kern for a discussion focused on Udvise, founded by Acrelec to be the expert agency in digital solutions for the QSR industry. Ordering Kiosk’s were a main focus of the discussion. Pévrier […]

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