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30 Jan 2020

Acrelec Audio [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sound quality is the most important piece of developing engaging audio solutions within a QSR space. Here at Acrelec, we have worked on an audio quality that matches the industry leaders in communications and will soon surpass well-known names and label us the audio world’s best. We have created specialized microphones and speakers that allow […]

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28 Jan 2020

Cloud-Based vs. In-Store Connectivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Acrelec’s versatile and powerful kiosks have a range of features to personalize them to your business model, accelerating customer traffic with a system that works 100% on-premises. To learn more, check out the infographic below or contact us today! Download high-res version.

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20 Sep 2019

Meet the K27 from Acrelec

In the past few years, we have been building the user experience of tomorrow. We are not making simple touchscreen ordering interfaces, we are creating experiences revolving around the human being. Our latest innovation, the K27, is the perfect balance between technology and design. For more information on the K27, visit Download high-res version.

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18 Sep 2019

Acrelec: Reimagining the Customer Dining Experience

In a world where people remain constantly on-the-go, granting less time for the traditional dining experience, today’s consumer not only craves a good meal, but greater convenience and value as well. To compete, restaurants across the globe face the challenge of keeping up with evolving customer demands. Technology now plays a major role in society, […]

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