Acrelec Pittsburgh


Working in partnership with our customers ensuring that together we deliver the right solution built to your business needs. We specialise in addressing operational challenges through the delivery of Acrelec solutions to support and enhance the customers experience.

Through our technology we can increases sales, reduce labour costs and allows for labour redeployment, improve order accuracy and speed and support marketing strategies and loyalty programs.

Enabling the personnalisation of the customer experience, through engagement and choice.

5490 Campbells Run Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

+1 (877) 334 9737



“Our employees are our biggest asset. Their ability to manage projects has allowed Acrelec America to forge close partnerships with the world’s largest retail and restaurant brands. Our expertise enables us to successfully support our customers and partners in the most innovative ways.”

– Frank Amoruso / General Director

JC Calhoun
Vice President of Operations

Rick Smith
Vice President of Technology Integration and Brand Relationships

Scott Marentay
Global Director of Outdoor Service Innovation